Message From The Board

25 years of experience in the world of aluminium with ALCA, many achievements, challenges and obstacles have been passed in different ways. These experiences are then become the basic foundation for ALCA to grow and develop into one of the largest player in national aluminium sector from mainstream to downstream production.
In ALCA life, the synergy of integrity, energy and intelligence has become the power of each of ALCA family members and will be inherited from generation to generation as the work ethic of ALCA people. Perfection of taste, kinship and natural working environment has also become a trademark in the work culture in ALCA.
In our beloved country of Indonesia, changes and competitions in the market never stops and everything can change in a blink of eyes, causing a competition with "higher standard quality & competitive price" as a policy loathed by then market. This firm attitude has always been conserved by ALCA family from time to time.
ALCA's experience till today and in the future will always be full of challenges. However, with the work ethic and work culture that has been the company's foundation along these 25 years, ALCA family is confident that they will always be able to answer all the challenges with success.

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