Billet Plant

ALCA Metals' billets are produced in-house to provide highest productivity on our presses, high flexibility on mechanical properties (special alloy) and better quality control. Before casting, the molten metal is treated to ensure it is clean and free of excessive hydrogen contamination. ALCA Metals' extrusion ingot is applying only primary aluminium ingot and virtually free of dross or any secondary external scrap. The internal microstructure is modified through a controlled thermal treatment known as homogenizing process.ALCA Metals is fully supported by Indonesia’s first and only primary aluminium ingot smelter “INALUM” (state owned company) with the capability to produce 99.9% purity aluminium ingot. INALUM had played an integral part in the development of ALCA Metals’ extrusion quality due to its proven capability to maintain a very high and consistent quality aluminium ingot.

Quality Extrusion

Be a supply partner of ALCA Metals and enjoy a vast range of our quality aluminium extrusions. We also provide a strategic sole distributor solutions for new market development.

Integrated Facility

At ALCA Metals we have 7 integral facility under one location. This gives us the unique capability to develop everything in-house and our partners need not worry about their very own intellectual properties.

Global Supply

We supply demand from all around the world including Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and United States of America since 2000. At ALCA Metals we pride ourselves in giving our customers the best products, best deliveries and best services.

Quality Assurance

ALCA Metals is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We are also accredited as "gold approve applicator" for Akzo Nobel and "approved applicator" of Jotun for powder coating facility.