Powder Coating Plant

ALCA Metals had been appointed by Akzo Nobel as "Gold Approved Applicator" since 2010 and also an "Approved Applicator" of Jotun, meaning that ALCA Metals is qualified to provide products with warranty requirement such as government & corporation projects. We take pride in our ability to offer a wide range of colors to meet the needs and expectations of all our clients. We had supplied to a very wide range of industries and groups including Building Construction, Marine, Gardening, Outdoor Construction, Automotive Industries, Gardening, Furniture Industries, General Products and much more. ALCA Metals Powder Coating Facility is applying "GEMA system" from Sweden that enable us to provide a very consistent micron thickness on any surface of aluminium extrusion.

Quality Extrusion

With more than 33 years of production experience and export-oriented facility, we are committed to supply only the best aluminium extrusion to our clients worldwide.

Integrated Facility

ALCA Metals consist of 7 facilities: Energy Plant, Extrusion Production, Billet Smelter, Dies Production, Anodizing, Powder Coating and Fabrication Facility – all integrated in one location to provide a unique production capability and better protection of intellectual properties.

Global Supply

ALCA Metals had been actively supplying global market since year 2000 and is very accustomed to clients’ expected product quality, packaging requirement and communication. Our export destination includes Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and United States of America.

Quality Assurance

ALCA Metals is ISO 9001:2008 certified company and currently an active approved applicator of Akzo Nobel, PPG, and Jotun for powder coating products.